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Oud 6 April 2010, 00:30   #1
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Standaard Infected Computer Virus Thingie!?! Pleaseplease heeeelp D:?

hi there. my dell inspiron 1520 (vista) must have contracted some virus and it DOES NOT boot up. at all. I scoured my room at home and school to locate the recovery disk and have found nothing. now I've been reading everything from "the inspiron 1520 doesn't come with recovery disks" to "it does, and if you do not have them try this link THAT SITE'S ADVICE DOES NOT WORK because after I press F8, and enter on repair your computer, the screen goes blank and nothing happens. is there any way to fix my computer? (NOTE ASIDE FROM DIRECTING ME TO THE WEBSITE ABOVE) I don't even care about losing files as there is nothing on my laptop I have not backed up already. my computer is still also under warranty, and I've heard that if it wouldn't boot up with the recovery disk they would replace it. but again... I do not have the recovery disk. thanks for any help!

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Oud 6 April 2010, 00:43   #2
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Hi, you've come to a Dutch forum where the primary language is Dutch; any particular reason for doing so?

OK, so I guess your harddrive is under suspicion; can you get into the BIOS and see if any harddrive is detected?

Any blinking lights? Beeps? Fan running?

Can you boot from other CD's or DVD's?
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Oud 6 April 2010, 07:41   #3
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Yeah, eindelijk m'n MiTo.
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