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Als primeur hier op PCM (straks op Distrowatch)...
De nieuwe Vector 5.8 SOHO editie is uit.
It's here, and finally it's Final!
The long awaited VL-SOHO 5.8 IS ready for the taking. 
Bugs have been squashed, new features implemented such as revised binary NVIDIA
and ATI drivers installation.
They are compiled for the individual hardware on the spot to insure optimum 
performance. We felt it was time to give our users the best out of the box
experience, and in today's world video performance is a must. 
Firefox and OpenOffice are updated to their latest versions. Also, some serious 
updates to Vasm reflect new configuration programs Several wifi drivers were 
updated, including ndiswrapper and madwifi.
There are some eye candy updates as well as some tweaks to the installation

The latest SOHO includes a custom SMP Kernel, compiled with bootsplash,
squashfs, lzma, and realtime patches.
It supports reading and writing to NTFS-formatted media via fuse and ntfs-3g.
The desktop environment is KDE version 3.5.6 with Kmyfirewall, Amarok 1.4.5, 
and OpenOffice version 2.2. Multimedia applications such as VLC 0.8.6a, 
Mplayer 1.0RC1, K3B-1.0.1 and graphics editors such as The Gimp version 2.2.14
and Xara Xtreme version 0.7 are also included. Printing is supported by cups
with hpijs drivers for HP printers, and gutenprint drivers for many other
popular printers. There is a whole new look and feel, from the boot menu to
the desktop. 
We call it beautiful. We know it's fast! The choice is yours.....

Downloaden kan vanaf hier: http://vectorlinux.osuosl.org/veclin...SOHO-final.iso


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